Conference Microphone DCN‑DISS / DCN‑DISL

Conference  Microphone DCN‑DISS / DCN‑DISL

DCN‑DISS / DCN‑DISL Discussion Unit with fixed Microphone

  • Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference
  • Compact, attractive and ergonomic design
  • Fixed microphone
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Usable as delegate unit or chairman unit

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Innovation at every level

The DCN Next Generation line includes many different options to ensure an exact fit with your needs. Whether it’s a compact table-top or a tailored flush-mount, every unit is equipped with Bosch-developed technology, such as high-quality pluggable microphones, special loudspeakers for perfect intelligibility and all being completely immune for mobile phone interference. Other options include electronic voting, ID cards and built-in channel selectors in the units that offer up to 31 channels for simultaneous interpretation.

Award-winning design that encourages dialog

Design plays a key role in how people interact with each other and is a vital part of creating an environment that encourages constructive dialog. The DCN Next Generation, with its sleek control panel and intuitive layout, has an instantly familiar feel. Advanced acoustic and display technology makes it easy to hear and read exactly what’s going on, so even new users feel at ease and in control. And that’s good news for every conference, no matter what the topic.


Ultimate flexibility using the new Central Control Unit

Using the new Central Control Unit (CCU), the DCN Next Generation can feature a mix of both wired and wireless delegate units. Just one CCU is capable of controlling up to 245 wired and 245 wireless units. Experience the exceptional convenience when expanding your system or installing units in difficult-to-reach seats. The wireless signal is encrypted by means of an advanced encryption algorithm making it a secure system against eavesdropping. Moreover, an Ethernet connection to the control PC, provides far greater flexibility in locating the PC as the modern connection is capable of bridging longer distances without the need of any converters.

Powerful conference software suite

Using additional application software, your meeting efficiency is accelerated to new heights. With the software, the operator can easily set-up the necessary requirements and authorizations for each meeting. These include the synoptic layout, the delegates, the interpreters, the agenda, list of speakers, voting sessions, and more. The suite includes a wide variety of options for data like XML streams for advanced logging features and API functionality for interfacing with 3rd party applications. The DCN Conference Software Suite is remarkably ergonomic and is optimized for standard touch screen monitors, making it intuitive and easy to use.

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