DVA T8 Active Line Array module 8"/6.5"/1" 700 Watt RMS

DVA T8 Active Line Array module 8"/6.5"/1" 700 Watt RMS
Active Line Array module 8"/6.5"/1" 700 Watt/RMS

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DVA T8 is the latest and most advanced incarnation of a string of successful line array systems that started with the DVA T4. 

Loaded with state-of-the-art neodymium woofers, the DVA T8 features a high-performance digital power amp with700W/RMS total output, a high-end 56-bit DSP, and premium-quality AD-DA converters.

These superior components come together to deliver superior audio quality and high SPL.
Remarkably easy to handle, this lightweight, 14.2 kg line array’s powerful performance belies its look of subdued elegance and small footprint.

It’s hard to believe that something so petite can pack such a mighty punch.

Full of Technology

3-Way Active with a 700 W RMS Digital amp
High-End 56 Bit DSP on board
96 KHz Sampling rate
Network-ready with an integrated RDNet port
Six modules connected to one 16A phase place
Lossless signal path with no need for speaker cables
Acoustically compatible with DVA T12
Mechanically compatible with DVA T12Top Performance Paired with Total Control
The DVA T8 is a fully active, three-way speaker system equipped with the same innovative technologies that feature so prominently in the DVA T12.
Its power supply, DSP, power amps, woofers and drivers were all developed and painstakingly tuned specifically for the DVA T8 system by the dBTechnologies team of engineers.

Precise directivity
The DVA T8 sports constant directivity horns, HF drivers, andmidrange woofers optimized to deliver a uniform 100°-by-15°coverage pattern. It makes the most of two acoustical effects to help distribute SPL evenly.
One is the vector addition of individual horns’ output; the other is cylindrical wave formation. These two effects come together to create a uniform coverage pattern that is easily adapted to different venues by varying the length of the array and adjusting the splay between individual components.

High-definition top end
The 1” neodymium HF drivers feature 1.4” Mylar diaphragms. Exceptionally light and responsive, they deliver richly detailed signals with remarkably linear frequency response. Developed especially for use in line arrays, these drivers may be deployed in very close proximity to one another. This is essential to minimize interference in such arrays.

Accurate, awesomely efficient midrange response
Loaded with a custom 6.5” neodymium midrange, the DVA T8also delivers excellent midrange response, which has such a formative influence on shaping the sonic image. 
The midrange is housed in a sealed chassis. Its high BL factor makes it even more responsive so that it renders transients faithfully. A phase plug feeds into a frontloaded horn tuned to achieve a uniform coverage pattern.

Extended low-end performance
A powerful 8” neodymium woofer, paired with a 350W power amp, covers the low frequency range with an assertive punch that reaches down to 70 Hz.

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