LED Large Screen 3.75 pitch

LED Large Screen 3.75 pitch

Large LED screen 3.75 pitch

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1. Cabinet weight is only 8.3 kg, decreasing the transportation cost and the intensity of labor.

2. Super thin power supply inside; Quiet fan design, excellent heat dissipation, noiseless;

3. Refresh rate>1500HZ, 2 times higher than the regular screen, suitable for the rental occasion which requires much more higher display capability.

4. Super-light aluminium alloy connectors are durable and artistic.

5. Signal & power aviation connectors are water & dust proof, stable and reliable.

6. Cushion under the cabinet can protect the modules from being damaged.


Modules Model: MN37S
Pixel Pitch (mm): 3.75
Physical Density (dot/m2): 71,111
LED Configuration: 1R1G1B
LED Type: SMD2121
Module Size (mm x mm): 240*240
Module Resolution (PX x PX): 64*64
Module Power Consumption (W): 60
Parameters Drive Mode: Constant Current Drive
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg): 140
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg): 140
Brightness (cd/m2): 1,200
Grey Scale: 14
Refresh Rate (Hz): ≥1500
Cabinet Resolution (PX x PX): 128*128
Cabinet Max Power Consumption (W): 300
Cabinet Average Power Consumption (W): 120
Cabinet Size (mm x mm): 480*480
Cabinet Weight (Kg): 9
Cabinet Thickness (mm): 75
Cabinet Material: Aluminum
Color (M): >16.7
Input Voltage (V): 110-240VAC
Refresh Frame Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Protection Level: IP43
Working Environment: Indoor
Working Temperature (℃): "-20°- +40°
Operation humidity (RH): 10%-90%
Certificates: CCC、CTL、TUV-EMC