Bosch Integrus digital

Bosch Integrus digital

Bosch Integrus digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system

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Integrus is the world's first fully digital infrared language distribution system. It manages to achieve what has long been the wish of many congress specialists: high-quality, wireless audio distribution which is completely immune to distortion from hall lighting.

By using a higher frequency band (2 to 6 MHz) it operates way beyond the reach of all types of hall lighting. Furthermore, a much higher signal/noise ratio, plus in-built error correction, gives a crystal clear signal throughout the venue. This loss-free transmission means sound comes out exactly as it goes in, which improves speech intelligibility and therefore leads to greater listening comfort.

All system components are easy to interconnect and configure. The transmitter is hardwired to infrared radiators, which can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or a floor stand by means of an optional bracket.


Integrus interconnects with DCN (Digital Congress Network)CCS 800 discussion system or virtually any discussion/language distribution system, whether digital or analog, for microphone discussion + simultaneous interpretation.

  • No interference from lighting
  • Superior digital audio quality
  • User-friendly selection of 32 channels
  • Easy interfacing with DCN and other congress systems
  • Can be used in bright sunlight
  • Integrus fully complies with IEC 61603-PART7, the industry standard for digital infrared transmission in the 2 to 6 MHz frequency band.

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