Videoproiettore Panasonic PT-DZ770 Series

Videoproiettore Panasonic PT-DZ770 Series


Very bright 1-chip DLP projectors for large conference rooms, auditoriums and digital signage (museums, exhibitions, etc.).
(Possible use at 0-45) thanks to 2 lamps and liquid cooling system, automatic-cleaning air filter (up to 12,000 Hours. Maintenance-free) and a proprietary optical unit are suitable for these projectors also 24/7-Dauereinsatz.
They can be integrated into the network (LAN), have vertical and horizontal lens shift and a variety of terminals (analog and digital). In addition, a complete range of optional lenses available.
The RGB Booster technology (optimizing the use of color segments) provides a very good color quality and DaylightView2 optimized color and contrast in bright environments. As a special highlight of the projectors support multi-screen applications (Edge blending, color matching and multi-screen processor integrated).

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Videoproiettore Panasonic PT-DZ770 Series

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