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Hybrid and HUB hosted Events: How does it work? Hybrid events are a union of a digital virtual event format and conventional physically attended event. It therefore means that the event is carried out live, with participants present in one or more physical locations, but it can also be attended digitally by people who are not present through virtual digital platforms. It is possible to visualize content in different ways. The streaming of the live event is the most commonly used format for those who connect and view the event remotely through a device such as their computer or smartphone. Alternatively the use of Webinar platforms allow different levels of interaction between participants such as live chats, voting, simultaneous translation, and Q&A sessions in addition to being able to follow presentations. The main event, where for example the speakers are located, can also be connected to satellite locations. Each satellite location can host groups of participants that communicate between locations, in this case the term Hub meeting is also used.


Is a digital or hybrid event the same as watching a video on YouTube?

There are two big differences between the videos you watch on the internet and the live digital events you can watch remotely. One is that streaming videos (such as those of kittens, to be clear) are designed to download portions of footage in advance (buffering), offsetting network instability during playback. The other is that you will never send a complaint to IT support because the YouTube video you’re watching took a few seconds too long to upload.


Live digital events, on the other hand, are based on data packets sent and received constantly in real time, to ensure that everything is transmitted clearly and that every intonation, gesture or word is transferred correctly.


Technological choices are especially important and can condition and enhance some aspects of the meeting, but they can also be the source of trouble: if it goes wrong this adversely condition an event. Careful planning and the choice of appropriate systems and services is essential.


Live events are irreplaceable: networking, emotional presence and physical contact cannot be replaced by modern technologies. But the hybrid event enables you to reach people who would not otherwise have participated by giving them the maximum possible experience through the solutions offered by technology and good meeting design.

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“Expert interventions”: creation of an appointment on a defined topic, in which one or more opinion leaders present data and answer users’ questions “Talk Show”: Production of a studio living room setting in which topics are discussed by experts in their fields. “Training courses”: Reproduction of a residential meeting in digital format It is possible to create web sessions with speakers able to transmit their presentations from home. Our software will allow the acquisition of the material in a simple way and in complete autonomy. However, our IT staff will always be present to support the presenters whilst carrying out direction of both remote and onsite contents.

There are two ways of to implement and control on-demand content:– Access code: Creation of a group of unique access codes to distribute to participants so that content can be restricted and controlled.– Pay per View: Offers the possibility to manage viewers payment directly thus controlling access to content.

The interactivity of the product is guaranteed by two modes: – Web messaging: During the live broadcast, participants can send questions or comments to speakers who can air them and possibly discuss them. – Survey: access to a satisfaction or evaluation questionnaire. At the end of the live broadcast the contents can be made available on demand, with the possibility of creating online learning courses.

We have also thought of giving maximum visibility to those who support events through the creation of an area dedicated to sponsors. In fact, it will be possible to access a dedicated menu with the list of companies and a description of their business. The visitor will be able to download promotional material, access data collection forms and even access 3D virtual models where the participant can attain an experience very similar to the one attained on site. In fact, you can visit a stand reconstructed in detail,” stop and talk” with the Company through chat or instant message systems, browse brochures and receive “virtual gadgets.”

Virtual poster areas can be added to company web pages or an event specific web site can be created to host the posters among other services such as online registration speaker BIO’s, meeting agenda and sponsor areas. An audio file can be added with a voice over presentation for each poster recorded by the poster creator.

Tecnomeeting has chosen Zoom Pro dedicated for events Secure meetings

End-to-end encryption for all meetings, hierarchy-based user security, password protection, virtual waiting room, and viewer content control timing. HD audio and video Enhance your meetings with HD audio and video, involving up to 1000 two-way video participants and 49 on-screen video profiles. Integrated collaboration tools Multiple participants can share their screens at the same time and perform joint annotations to improve interactivity during meetings. – Enable voting and Q&A – Allow virtual hand raising to ask questions – Track engagement with the attention indicators Group chat Group chat, searchable chronology, built-in file sharing, and archiving for 10 years. 1:1 or group scalability.

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