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Body temperature control thermoscanner

Body temperature detection control termoscan thermoscanner body temperature detection covid

The Thermalscanner Monitoring Station for Body Temperature detection can be positioned at the entrance of the breakfast, lunch, meeting roomsor on the reception desk

The Body Temperature Monitoring Station is a Tecnomeeting proposal to help Hotels, Congress Centers, Venues for events, businesses, schools, shops, offices and public places and assist in the management of accesses through rapid temperature screening.

It is important in this period to provide our customers with certainties with regards to protocols and procedures by making available technology and devices that help manage the presence of many people, as happens in a meeting.

The Body Temperature Monitoring and Control Station Thermalscanner is also available for hire for events and meetings up to 7 days.



Rapid detection of temperature anomalies is the best way to stop contagious people entering a property. It is more rapid and secure than hand held scanners. Here is the solution: The Thermal scanner station

  • A thermal infra red camera and thermal camera is able to detect without contact, the heat emanating from the subjects is displayed on the screen
  • The thermal imager allows instant and accurate temperature measurement in real time.
  • The thermal imager is connected to a body measurement software with functions defined by parameters and specific control needs that can be customized.

The published protocol regarding measures to contrast Covid-19 in the work place, in relation to access control requires the implementation of temperature control systems

Thermal scan for covid-19 containment Tecnomeeting

  • Before entering the workplace, staff may be subjected to body temperature control. If this temperature is higher than 37.5 °, access to the workplace should not be allowed.
  • Persons in this condition – in compliance with the instructions given in the nguidelines – will be temporarily isolated and provided with masks, they will not go to the emergency room and / or the infirmaries of the office, but must contact their doctor as soon as possible and follow indications
  • Access to visitors; if the entry of external visitors is necessary (cleaning company, maintenance …), they must comply with all company rules, including those for access to company premises referred to in point 2 above

The vertical module for measuring and detecting body temperature is equipped with an industrial-class binocular camera and infrared thermography module to measure facial temperature even when wearing a mask

The Body Temperature Monitoring and Detection Station can emit an automatic alarm for temperature anomaly. It also supports the expansion of various peripherals such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, etc. Export of temperature measurement data in real time.
• Ideal temperature detection distance 0.5 / 1 m


What does the Body Temperature Monitoring Station do?

  1. It provides body temperature detection and control with temperature display.
  2. An allarm sounds should the unit read a temperature anomolly.
  3. The unit functions when utilized by a person wearing a mask.
  4. The speed of the facial recognition is less than 1 second.
  5. Requires less than 5 seconds to read the temperature.
  6. Supports the expansion of various peripherals such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, etc. Export of temperature measurement data in real time.
  7. 8 inch Display LCD IPS.
  8. Industrial design, waterproof and dustproof, stable and adaptable.
  9. Integrated binoculare dinamic camera and light sensor, night and infrared with double LED illumination.

The WHO – WHO document relating to guidelines is available in the Events sector

This text (updated to 03/19/2020) was found on the Official WHO website (here the link to download the full document). It is reported for informational purposes.

The World Health Organisation document (WHO) guide lines for The Hospitality Industry can be found Here

This document (Updated 31/03/2020) was reported on the WHO official site (Here you may fin the integral document). It is reported for informational purposes.

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Body temperature control thermoscanner