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This product consists of wireless (RF) keypads and a Base Station. The system is generally used to record answers to multiple choice questions as part of a classroom presentation, decision-making session, focus group, or videoconference. It offers methods for collecting and immediately reporting group response. Reply® systems have been available for over 20 years and millions of Fleetwood Group keypads are currently used worldwide. Reply® is a wireless handheld response system that provides numeric data interaction for meeting or learning environments. Keypad responses are transmitted to the Base Station, which processes and delivers the information to the attached computer. Application software operates the Base Station and controls its associated Keypads. While the system’s hardware may offer powerful features, application software is the essential ingredient in applying the technology to generate useful results.

Many meeting and learning venues require a mechanism for audience interaction. Moreover, many seek a method of automating surveys and grading activities. Reply® meets the need for such an interactive tool, bringing everyone together and instantly allowing measurement of interest, understanding, and involvement. Audience members can participate from their seat and personally indicate their opinions, ideas, and knowledge. Results of the interaction are immediately available, and their display offers presenters a valuable insight into the opinion and comprehension level of audience members. System setup typically involves handing a Keypad to every participant and connecting the Base Station to a computer. No Keypad wires or cabling need be installed prior to use. This allows fast, reliable, safe, and attractive installation.

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